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Chemicals and Transport Limited







Health and Safety consultancy specialising in assuring compliance with the Regulations controlling the supply and carriage of chemicals



Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser (DGSA)


Classification for supply (CHIP and REACH); Safety Data Sheet auditing and preparation


Labelling for supply (CHIP and REACH) and Carriage (The Carriage Regulations CDG, ADR, IMDG)


Documentation for carriage (CDG, ADR, IMDG)




New legislation continues to proliferate and particularly affects companies that deal with the use, supply and carriage of hazardous chemicals. In the last few years, significant amendments have been made to the Carriage of Dangerous Goods Regulations, most recently with the consolidated regulation CDG 2009 and the biennial revisions of ADR and IMDG which necessitates continuous review of current practices. The supply regulations, CHIP was last updated by CHIP4 published in 2009. CHIP will be superseded by REACH and CLP which will incorporate GHS (Globally Harmonised system of Classification and labelling of Chemicals) which will affect the classification of chemicals for supply as well as labelling and Safety Data Sheets.



Chemicals and Transport Limited offers the following consultancy services

  • Overview of current legislation
  • Safety audit combined with written or formal presentation summarising current legislation.
  • Appointment as DGSA for your company to meet the legal obligations of Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser requirements of the Carriage Regulations CDG 2009 and ADR. Reports and legislation updates.
  • Classification, packaging, labelling and documentation and training requirements to meet the requirements of The Carriage Regulations CDG 2009, ADR, IMDG
  • Classification, labelling and Safety Data Sheets to comply with CHIP/REACH and eventually with CLP. Chemical inventories.
  • Handling and storage and waste disposal to meet COSHH and Hazardous Waste regulations
  • Training programmes in Supply (CHIP, REACH, CLP) and Transport legislation (CDG, ADR, IMDG) and preparation of Work instructions.





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